Thursday, October 18, 2012

Of wormholes and vaccuum

Finally got back into EVE full swing a few days ago.  The first thing I did was go and get myself lost several wormholes deep from K-space.  I wandered around scanning and exploring.  For the most part it was a pleasant diversion but I wanted to get back to Hi Sec to join up with a couple friends on an op tonight. 

After much searching, I finally found an opening to K-space but sadly it was an opening to Null Sec space.  I had 63 jumps ahead of me over half of which were through controlled Null Sec space.  Since there was no sure fire way to find a Hi Sec path inside W-space, I decided to make the plunge.  The very first jump I make sends me right into a pile of mobile warp bubbles.  Thankfully there was no one activly minding the trap so I made it out safely.  The mext dozen or so jumps were thrilling but uneventful.  I would cloak up, d-scan out a safe path and warp and jump. 

At one point, I arrive on gate with an Armaggedon sitting there.  I cloak and warp off to a planet.  He follows.  I have my default "warp to" set to an irregular number to lessen the chance someone will warp in on top of me.  Fate was not on my side as he lands just under 2k away from me and I am decloaked.  I was able to burn away and reestablish my cloak but it made me crap my pod.  I move off and safely jump out of system.

As I approached the last 4 jumps to get out of Null Sec, the pucker factor went way up.  There is always more activity in the border lands than in deep 0.0.  As it turns out, I was right to be scared.  Warping to the second to last gate, I am yanked out of warp by a bubble.  This one did have someone minding the store.  That someone had a pack of drones out.  Before I could burn away, I was targeted, vaporized and the podded in very short order.  EVE can be a cruel mistress sometimes.  Aura told me Warp Drive Activated while I was in my pod trying to get away and I thought I might escape but a parting volley saw me quickly to my clone back in Hi Sec.

Such is life and death in New Eden.  I spent a couple hours and a couple hundred million ISK but it was time and money well spent.

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